Floor Removal

SCS Environmental Services specializes in full-service floor surface preparation of both asbestos containing and non-asbestos containing materials, performing everything from demolition to hauling away of the previous flooring. There are many reasons you may be in need of floor removal, one of the common reasons is that asbestos material is found in your flooring or adhesives.

If you are planning any renovation or demolition activity it is important to conduct a thorough asbestos inspection of the property prior to any renovation activities that may disturb potential asbestos containing building materials. 

SCS Environmental Services will safely remove your flooring along with any asbestos it may contain. Our team will also haul all materials away so you don't have to worry about anything!

Shot Blasting

Our shot blasting units are equipped with a special HEPA filtered collection unit which allows us to perform floor mastic removal from both asbestos and non-asbestos containing mastics with very little dust released into the workspace.

Many people are unaware of the importance of shot blasting when it comes to floor preparation. Shot blasting is necessary in order to perform many tasks, including laying new flooring. Shot blasting allows for the best possible finish to your floors.

There are many advantages of shot blasting not only for your property, but for the environment as well. Shot blasting eliminates the use of harsh chemicals and leaves concrete floors with the desired profile.

We provide the highest quality commercial and industrial shot blasting and floor removal services throughout Massachusetts. If you are in need of floor removal or shot blasting contact SCS Environmental Services at 617-569-3600 now!