California Rules Companies Can Be Held Liable If Workers Bring Home Asbestos

California Supreme Court has ruled that companies may be held liable if someone gets sick from asbestos brought home from a job site by a worker.

This ruling was decided unanimously last week. This ruling will allow families or workers to sue companies if people have been allegedly diseased by asbestos fibers brought into the home on another person’s clothing.
Asbestos was widely used in building material decades ago which is why many construction workers performing projects on older buildings may continue to be exposed to the material.

This ruling comes on the basis that employers have a duty to take responsible care to prevent workers from carrying home asbestos on their clothing or other personal items. On this ruling, only members living in the home may sue on the basis of secondary exposure.

This ruling has stemmed from numerous lawsuits of family members being exposure to someone in the home who worked in an environment where asbestos exposure was possible. Many of these lawsuits involve family members passing away from mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a cancer of the chest which is closely linked to asbestos exposure. Victims of this disease may be exposed by inhaling or ingesting microscopic asbestos fibers that were brought into the home on clothing.

It is believed that companies knew of the dangers of asbestos for decades but failed to provide locker rooms or showers for workers. But now, due to this decision, wives and children and husbands who were needlessly and preventably poisoned will be able to seek justice- in the state of California at least.

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