Swampscott MA

Swampscott MA is located on Boston’s North Shore about 15 miles north of the city. Swampscott is famous for being a summer resort town on Massachusetts coast. Although Revere Beach down the road is known as the first public beach, Swampscott was the first resort town.

Today Swampscott is a beautiful and tranquil seaside community of 13,800 residents. Swampscott is known for its quiet suburban character and lovely beaches as well as it excellent school system, and town government. Because of these factors each year, Swampscott attracts new residents each year.

If you are planning on moving, or have recently moved to Swampscott, MA it is important that you have your home inspected for Asbestos. As Swampscott was originally settled back in 1629 this is a town with many older homes. Older homes run a much higher risk of being built with asbestos material. In fact, prior to discovering the potential dangers of this material, asbestos was widely used in everyday products including building material and fire protective gear. Now it is known that exposure to asbestos can be extremely dangerous leading to many harmful diseases, such as mesothelioma, cancer, and other lung-related illnesses.

If you are moving into a home that was built prior to 1980 it is always a good idea to get it tested for asbestos material. This information is important to know if you plan on renovating your home in any way now or in the future. Per regulations, any building built in 1980 must be tested for asbestos content before proceeding with any demolition, renovation or disturbance in any way.

If your test comes back positive it is extremely important to contact the professionals and remove any asbestos material prior to any renovation or disturbance. If your Swampscott residence is in need of testing or asbestos remove call the professionals at SCS Environmental service. We are a Massachusetts-licensed asbestos contractor (AC 000125) and provide complete and safe asbestos abetment services. Our workforce is trained, licensed and experienced in all phases of asbestos abatement. We take the time to ensure that all the proper steps are taken for complete and safe abatement of asbestos from your property.